How to be the answer your audience seeks

Are you looking for a better way to connect your brand’s solution with your audience’s needs and ultimately grow your business?

I’ve been coordinating content marketing strategies for over a decade now, and one of the biggest challenges has always been coming up with compelling content ideas.

What if you could identify all the questions they have before finding solutions like yours and craft content that answers those questions?

The good news is you can with a Google search, and here’s how.

Let’s say you sell gaming monitors to people seeking a better gaming experience.

Now google “gaming monitors”

Not all, but many, google search results will have a “People also ask” list that are questions people commonly search for that relate.

Here is a goldmine of content ideas that you could address by creating content that provides a solution. Clicking on any of the questions will, in most cases, give even more related questions.

All you have to do now is consider what the person who asked the question wants and offer them a solution that they will be satisfied with.

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Chris Hornak

Chris Hornak


Digital marketing professional, golfer, and retro gaming enthusiast. Co-founder of and Owner of